I have been a client of Connie’s since 1998.  Before meeting Connie, I underwent electrolysis from other providers.  Connie, simply, is the best.  She regularly attends workshops to keep herself at the top of her profession.  Her office is immaculate.  She upholds the strictest standards of hygiene.  She is unwavering in her gentleness and courtesy.  Moreover, she is a friend who enjoys relaxed conversation while she works with each client.  She has that inestimable gift of putting each person at ease.  You will, like myself, be deeply grateful for having entrusted yourself to Connie’s care.


“I had long been embarrassed by my unwanted facial hair. I had done everything to get rid of it — shaved, tweezed, bleached and waxed — but the problem only got worse. I was horribly self conscious about it. Then, three years ago, I began getting electrolysis with Connie Khalil. It is honestly one of the best things I have ever done. I am no longer embarrassed or self conscious and my face looks great!”

– Martha, stay-at-home mom, Saratoga Springs

“I have been Connie’s client  for about two and half years. During that time I have come to think of her as my friend. Probably most people are somewhat anxious when they begin electrolysis and I was certainly no exception.  Connie’s approach is very honest, matter of fact, and gentle.  She quickly put me at ease.   Her professionalism is of the highest degree. Two years ago I was traveling for five months so found it necessary to find other CPE’s along the way.  Connie provided me with a list of CPE’s with phone numbers and addresses, cautioned me to only visit those who are registered, and sent me off with a great skin care product  and wishes for a good time. Connie is most accommodating with scheduling.  I never have had to wait past my appointed time in her office, have always been able to get changes of appointments quickly and pleasantly, and have been delighted with the results. I am now only seeing Connie about once a month for about twenty minutes.  What a difference she has made in my life.  I feel feminine and confident.  I would recommend Connie to anyone.  She is a caring, sensitive and highly skilled CPE.”

– Mary

“When I first came to Connie I had been receiving treatments elsewhere every 10 days for 20yrs., getting very discouraged. After a short while with Connie I began to see a real improvement. I am now treaded every 6 weeks for maintenance purposes. Electrolysis has been a morale booster and I no longer feel embarrassed talking face to face instead of behind my hand covering my chin and mouth area.”

– Christine M.

“This is my 6th year receiving facial electrolysis from Connie. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me, not only for comfort and appearance, but self-confidence.  What began as weekly appointments, are now every 6-8 weeks for maintenance.  I would recommend Connie for not only her expertise, but also because she treats you as an individual. You feel as if you are the only client, never rushed, always comfortable. Thank you to Connie for the beautiful work she does!”

– Mary

“Hi my name is Arianna and I’ve been doing electrolysis on my brows for two years. Now that my brows have a great shape and a clean look I feel more confident when I enter a room. Great job Connie”

– Arianna